Spring Air Premium Collection Noelle Pillow Top King-Sized Mattress / 5.6.16 / 10:25-10:55

I am lying in my Spring Air Premium Collection Noelle Pillow Top King-Sized Mattress, thinking about the coming day.

This morning I will be wearing a two hundred thread count Egyptian cotton sky blue dress shirt handcrafted from a mill in Turin, and the other elements of my daily routine will have to adjust accordingly. I will start with a shower, first a lather of custom-blended Oribe signature shampoo to leave my hair silky and scented with the subtle fragrance of French perfumes, and then an exfoliating body scrub infused with Mediterranean salt and the essential oils of grapeseed and apricot to massage away the dead cells and rejuvenate my skin. The water will be cool enough to avoid damaging my collagen. Wrapped in my machine washable Pine Cone Hill signature solid shale gray bath towels, I will walk to my second bathroom and style my hair back with a pewter comb cast by hand in Salisbury, and then I shall use my Sedu professional follicle preserving hair dryer and a potent mix of Pinaud Clubman hairstyling gel and Giovanni ultra-sleek to hold my hair down into a textbook example of a high fade pompadour. I’ll put on my Warby Parker Ripley’s before my clothes, following a top down approach to ensure the cohesion of my appearance, and then I will stand for two minutes in the center of my room with my eyes closed, allowing the air to dry my skin evenly from head to toe. I will slip on my 100% silk handmade Zimmerli boxer shorts (complete with mother-of- pearl fly buttons) and follow them with my dark wash denim slim-fit Kiton jeans imported from Italy. The shirt will be next, and I will have to still the fluttering of my heart as I wrap the temperature-regulating fabric around my chest and button the crème-cut ivory. I will fold the sharp collar once, quickly so as not to crease the fabric, and then I will roll up the double cuffed sleeves in a strategically casual look. A Battistoni X-printed necktie and matching pocket square, a single breasted Gucci blazer, a pair of brogue trim Burberry leather wingtips, and a Salvatore Ferragamo suede belt will complete the ensemble.

And, after that….

I am lying in my Spring Air Premium Collection Noelle Pillow Top King-Sized Mattress, thinking about my shirt. There is so much to look forward to, but when I think beyond a certain point I become worried. My friends tell me to take it one step at a time, and I agree with them in this regard.

The first thing I shall do is lift myself from the stonewashed linen of my bed sheet set, avoiding the hefty frame of my purebred Tibetan Mastiff that is sleeping by my feet. I will walk across the Brazilian Chestnut finish of my hardwood floors, covered with a selection of artfully faded medallion designed machine washable throw rugs, and stop to look out the floor-to- ceiling windows that overlook the noontime cityscape. I will appreciate the view for an amount of time before sitting at my mahogany partner’s desk and browsing the forums on my 27-inch Apple iMac with Retina display. I will indulge in languorous procrastination for as long as I wish, and then I shall take a shower, starting with the custom-blended Oribe signature shampoo.

Still lying tangled in my bed sheets (stonewashed), I watch the shadows flickering on the high ceilings.


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